Legal Aspects and Privacy

As we care and respect your confidential information
Verde Tour makes transparent processes

As we care and respect your confidential information, Verde Tour makes transparent processes
The terms and conditions listed below, including booking forms and all written documents such as emails exchanged between each client and Ecoturismo Tierra Verde Ltda (VerdeTour)., constitute an agreement between the each other and therefore are part of a contract subject to conditions.

For Verde Tour it’s very important to protect the privacy of its customers. We endeavor to keep personal information in strictest confidence.
Our company collects and uses the personal information of its customers/passengers with the intention to provide an excellent attention in the service requested, to facilitate appropriate access to our products and services, and for them to have more options and information at the time of hiring the service. The company manages a Standard Policy of Confidentiality that is applied when using the information of our customers and/or users. We are safeguarding data or information through physical, electronic and / or administrative procedures.

In relation to the above, VerdeTour represents and confirms its clear intention of not divulge the information of its customers. This confidential information includes which are given orally, written, or graphically, to be enshrined in writing as confidential or restricted. If it’s given orally, is designated at the time of disclosure as confidential.

Verde Tour says that it won’t use or disclose confidential information about its customers in any way with others, protecting your privacy, except obviously to carry out the formalities with the company.

The terms and conditions outlined below constitute a contract between the customer and our company (Verde Tour), also the acceptance of the conditions of services.

The acceptance of these terms and conditions will generate its effects immediately. These behalf of our transparent processes and are detailed below.

Payment and reservation:
Accepted the conditions of sale of each destination with, the customer must provide: - An initial deposit of 25% of the total cost of the trip. -The Forms of Responsibility and Health completed.

Final payment:

• The remaining residue, corresponding to 75% thereof, must be paid 30 days before the date on which begins the journey to the destination.

• Your reservation will be confirmed once we have received the payment of the initial deposit and the completed forms of every passenger. We will send a final invoice, showing the total amount of the trip and the remaining balance.

Reservations about the destinations offered in our web page,, must be performed with a minimum of 30 days before starting the trip. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you book a trip with less than 30 days before the departure, the trip will be considered as a last minute booking, we will check for availability and the passengers will need to pay the 100% of the trip cost within the first 48 hours after availability is confirmed. Until the deposit is received the trip can’t be guaranteed, and any changes to the itinerary and / or extra charges applied may occur.

Payment system

Payments through our website: The domestic and foreign customers can make reservations and total payments through
Payment Order: You can make bank transfers to the dollar account Verde Tour of Banco Estado (State Bank). The details are above.

Dirección del Banco beneficiario: Constitución #500, Chillán, Chile
Nombre del beneficiario: Ecoturismo Tierra Verde Ltda
RUT: 76.133.629-0
N° cuenta Vista del beneficiario: 521 712 08661
Dirección del beneficiario: Camino Atacalco km 3, Pinto, Chillán, Chile

Please send the receipt to our email address, The expenditure resulting from the issuance of the payment order are borne by the customer. The total or partial amount quoted as agreed, should not be reduced under any circumstances.

Return Policy and / or cancellations:

The following terms and conditions are legally binding between the passenger/customer and VerdeTour. So the acceptance of these means that the effects are produced immediately.

Cancellations and/or refunds must be made by any reliable receipted, such as written notes, scanned letter (with respective signature on the above) or e-mail address to the Sales Manager, email The percentages of return/cancellation are detailed below:

1. Cancellations received in 30-15 days inclusive, prior to departure, will be subject to a cancellation fee of the 25% of the tour price.

2. Cancellations received in 15-7 days inclusive, prior to departure, will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour price.

3. Cancellations received in 7 or less, prior to departure, will be subject to forfeiture of the full tour price.

The company, VERDETOUR.COM, reserves the right to charge for the fines, fees and losses incurred as a result of the cancellation.

No refunds for any services or losses will be made, except for those verifiable circumstances as accident or force majeure, as indicated by our Chilean law.

According to the discretion of Verde Tour, and depending on availability, the customer will have the opportunity to change the date of a future trip during the same year, paying an equal or higher price than the previous booked tour. Under no circumstances shall the amount paid out of the stipulated time will be returned. Nor will return to join the trip as delayed or retire early.

Verde Tour is entitled to cancel services up to 20 days before departure if:

• The passenger required minimum is not met. In such circumstances the customer is entitled to: Full refund of travel costs paid; option of taking another trip of the same value travel option or a higher value, paying the difference.

* Verde Tour, no fee refunds due to 'Force Majeure', that is a phenomena beyond the control of our company, as war, protests, terrorist activity, natural disasters, weather conditions, fire, environmental emergencies, changes in airline flights, terrestrial and marine vessels, etc. In this case there will be no refund of the amount paid.
Verde Tour is not liable for costs incurred due to trip cancellation.
For this reason we recommend taking insurance policies including cancellation.
This agreement shall be interpreted, applied and operated according by Chilean law, with the Chilean courts.


Our policies are based on prices based on double occupation. So you have to be willing to share a room or tent with another person of the same gender, or if you prefer you can pay a single supplement to not share the room/tent. Each tour has different supplements that vary according to the type of accommodation (camping, shelter, hotel, hostel or cabin).

Air tickets:
Our company is not responsible for cancellations, losses and delays in flights, because each air ticket constitutes a contract between each passenger and flight operator.

It is not covered by this contract the luggage that each customers pack up, so we are not liable for loss or damage or deterioration thereof. Personal stuff and baggage are the sole responsibility of the customer/passenger and Ecoturismo Tierra Verde assumes no liability for lost or damaged luggage.
Passport / Visas:

Our customers must have valid passports and valid visas. No processing costs thereof will be assumed of such documents. Verde Tour is not responsible in the event of being denied entry to a country due to lack of compliance with specific requirements such as the validity of the document.

Travel Insurance:
In any program where adventure tourism activities take place: trekking, climbing volcanoes, rafting, canyoning or canopy, participants will have an additional supplemental insurance. This insurance is provided by Verde tour and its coverage is limited to the duration of the activity (for more details on coverage, please contact us). It is the responsibility of each participant recruiting life insurance and/or assistance.

Proper health:
Because pf our destinations are placed in remote locations, we recommend our customers /passengers to travel in good health to fully enjoy our services. Necessary information will always be available to answer all your questions in .
We also recommend to consider canceling any activities that expose you, due to extreme and variable weather conditions that we have.
If you experience any health difficulty please contact us, we will assist you by offering an experience appropriate to your travel needs, for you to be completely comfortable and safe.

With the hiring of any product of Verde Tour, you agree that the company uses photographs and / or videos of the participants, taken for us, for educational, commercial and/or advertising purposes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
This contract or agreement shall be construed, applied and governed by the laws of Chile, with the Chilean courts that properly exercised its jurisdiction.